• Infectious disease testing, including microbiology and virology

  • Molecular Diagnostics

  • Chemical pathology

  • Serology (auto-immune disease and Infectious diseases)

Some of these services will be subcontracted to other facilities, however these will be managed by Pro Understanding Medical Laboratory.Only facilities that offer a competitive quality service with a focus on time delivery will be considered.

Our academic background in Pathology, innovative ideas and passion for a greater understanding of human diseases, puts us in the position to offer a Pathology service to doctors that exclusively benefit their patients. 

This Pathology Lab and business is committed to being a leader in clinical Pathology consulting services as well as to the effective use of expensive diagnostic modalities to the maximal benefit of patients and health care practitioners.    
As a Pathology Lab, we are continuously exploring innovative means to improve patient care and aim to add value to the service of our clients. We support the creativity, courage and determination to turn information into knowledge and knowledge into insight.

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